Life coaching

Laith Stewart is a certified Hypnotherapist and the owner of Sanctuary Life Coaching. For the past 5 years, Laith has been helping people make behavioural and lifestyle changes that have been transforming them for the better.

There is one mission for Sanctuary Life Coaching - to help people like you


All kinds of people who come to Sanctuary Life Coaching, each with their own unique issues, things that keep them from getting the results they want. Our work in hypnosis has evolved with decades of cutting-edge research in quantum physics and the evolvement of the conscious mind.


My coaching services are focused on not fixing my clients but empowering them to arrive at their own conclusion and solutions in order for them to heal and lead a positive, more fulfilling, healthier and wealthier life.
Each and everyone of us have been blueprinted with an internal guide of perfect health and well being that if followed will naturally lead use to the realisations of our desires. By showing my clients how to reconnect with and direct this inner wisdom, you will come back to your natural alignment with your highest visions.
My role as a coach, is simply, to facilitate you through these shifts in consciousness. We are just a hole in the flute that consciousness blows air through.