I was born in Newcastle and live in Dudley NSW. I traveled extensively throughout Australia in my childhood with my fathers work. I attended many schools along the way and have had, what most would say, an unusual up bringing. Things were tough at home at times. It’s what sculpted me into the man I am today. Which I am so grateful for.

At the ripe old age of  14, I left home to chase my dreams. I was so excited to learn who I really was. I put myself through school with my grandmothers help and I was fascinated with Martial Arts so I enrolled into my 1st Kickboxing Club. I practiced there until the day they closed the doors. I moved onto other clubs along the way as I was fascinated by the philosophy and human movement aspects of martial arts. 

I have separated from my partners and have three beautiful children too. Fundamentally, my relationships struggled to reflected the love, respect, gratitude and compassion that I was seeking. I became a rescuer in a game that just kept going around and around. This became a pattern in which I became stuck, exhausted and disempowered.

I had two teachers that I really connected with, whom taught me a lot about myself and my capabilities. I looked up to them as if they where my father. I practiced with them on and off for 15years then my business and family life took over. I have a  building business that has been successful through dedication & hard work. I have been building for 23 years and now i’ts time for me to move on.

I knew I had the answers within, though accessing them was difficult for me.  I was a man that constantly challenged my intuition, inner voice and guidance that I tried to prove wrong. Then one day one of my friends, Jason, suggested that I should meet one of his friends who may be able to help me.

Richard Ford,  a Life Coach in Communication was the man I met. From that day on my life (mind) changed for the best. He guided me and gave me tools that were so crucial for me to make changes and understand the processes of choice. I grew as a person and developed skills that I shared with others. I found my passion & purpose – Life Coaching.

It became so obvious that this was meant to be.  The more I learnt, the more I knew I already had within me. It was confirming the knowing. 

I was coached under Richard for 4.5 years then I decided to do more study through TLCC where I gained further qualifications. This is an ongoing process of learning and transformation for me into conscious awareness. I have been involved in Coaching now for six years and I believe in practicing what I preach in my daily life and supporting people around me.

My main interests and hobbies are surfing, spearfishing, Martial Arts, yoga, mounting bike riding, keeping fit and camping.