Adolescents & Sports

I offer my services to mentoring our younger generation to create their own dreams & passions, guide them to the light that shines on their life desires, passions and their purpose.

I provide a safe non judgemental, fun environment that allows you or your children to explore their endless possibilities. They will be taught life skills & be given wisdom on how to do this.

A part of my work is around guiding and developing skills that already exist within.  My services provide tools for them to be able to use in every day life to help them make the most highest possible loving choices for them & others. Teaching them to take responsibility for all their choices & how it takes effect in the world they perceive.

My Approach is one that is versatile it can be used in everyday life not only in careers or sports but in the community, relationships, friendships & within the family. 


  • Health & well being
  • Mental health
  • Mind set
  • Where you are now & where you desire to be in the future
  • How to implement goals and stop procrastinating
  • Unlocking your ability to learn faster
  • Physical body
Packages consist of Matrix Therapy, Conscious Hypnosis & NLP.  Packages can be personalised to suit if requested

Mentoring $200 p/hr

All services include 24/7 phone support