How can I assist you

My coaching can assist you or your business in finding a common language & culture through your business/life or relationship. My approach will give you tools & understanding of why & how certain situations show up.

You will be taught a greater understanding from the level of how we communicate with one another.

  • How to solve problems with grace
  • How to build rapport with one another
  • How to take responsibility from how you communicate
  • How to be clear, direct, loving, honest & complete
  • How to avoid disappointment
  • How to choose your outcome
  • How to be honest & tell your whole truth no matter what.
  • How to be a good listener.
  • How to be a great partnerĀ 

1 Hour Per Person $200
3 Hours Per Person $600
6-8 Sessions 2 Hours Per Person $2400-$2800
1 Full Day Up to 12 People $3000

All services include 24/7 phone support