How can hypnosis help you

Hypnosis therapy can help you take full control of your life by dissolving habits and thoughts that sabotage your life as you see it.

Your mind and body will benefit from hypnosis. Your learning speed will pick up phenomenally.

Through hypnosis you will understand the process in creating your reality and what you desire to be in it.   

Hypnosis can help restore your health and well being. Make you feel young and free again.

What is conscious hypnosis

One way in which hypnosis works is a suggestions from an authority figure. Scientific tests known as the Helligen theory proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that 80% of people would follow advice from someone in a position of authority. Police, military, doctor, lawyer therapist, ministers and even parents. The other way is to use mentalism, Mentalism is a study of questioning and observation. Asking the right questions is the right order causes a light trance to occur. Giving the hypnotist the opportunity to recognize and deepen the trance to hypnosis.

In schools hypnosis is vital for learning. Teachers are seen as a person of authority often either suggesting or boring students into hypnosis. Hypnosis if done correctly can promote confidence, motivation, bypass fears of learning, peer pressure. This can assist students to learn at phenomenal speed with improved recall strengthening memory recall building better self confidence and concentration, improving grades and overall happiness. memory recall building better self confidence and concentration, improving grades and overall happiness.

How to let go of thoughts and remove the power and influence it has over you

Believe it or not, thoughts have no power other than the power you give it.  We have all had things happen in our day to day lives that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads.  Often we can’t sleep because of it, procrastinate around it, we let thoughts dominate and influence our mind.  This causes stress in the body and stops the creativity, love and compassion modes.

Maybe you are blamed for something you didn’t do or accused of something.  You just can’t seem to get it out of your thoughts and it bothers you 24/7… I know how you feel as I have felt this and been there too.  What I’ve found with my clients and my own personal experience is a short moment of hypnotic roll play to focus on outcomes and to add a strategy of conscious hypnosis, we can easily bury the influence and see it for what it is.

Once you know what it is, the emotional influence is trying to warn you of, your mind can free itself of this stressful way of thinking and free up the creative flow again causing happiness and certainty.  I always look for more than just hope because I know it will need thought, feeling and action.  Once you know what action to take you create certainty not just hope.

Conscious Hypnosis captured three gifts to think empowered with gratitude to give you control over thoughts, feelings and actions with confidence.  Our supportive nature delivers you a stock pile of tools and techniques that are easily replicated first by thought, then by action.  You will know right after thinking how it feels to be able to apply this information and notice how at ease your mind becomes.  How happy you express deep within.  The inner peace that radiates from simple applications from the thoughts you create.

Now I believe that life is a game of compromises and negotiations.  We try to play this game with others so hard that we forget the part about playing it with ourselves first.  Knowing how you feel from moment to moment will help guide you to great resolutions, and when you are uncertain, that’s when external negotiations are required.

Think right now in your mind that someone is thanking you for helping them achieve something.  That you have just given someone a gift by kindness that has helped them see a form of success over an action they previously couldn’t do.  As you imagine this and see them do it, notice how you feel.  What is being said in your mind right now to inspire you.  Do you want more or are you content with helping just one person?

If you are like me and many of my clients, this rush of the happiness and gratitude chemical is addictive and like them, you want more.  If you do, then, you know where to find us…

Sub Conscious Hypnosis Therapy Treats

  • PTSD
  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight Lose
  • Phobias
  • Alcohol & Drug use
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain Control
  • Anger & Heart
  • Asthma
  • Healing
  • Bed Wetting