Matrix Therapies is based on the concept that it is important to clear negative emotions and beliefs that surround events from the past, in order to change behavioural patterns in the present.  When a traumatic event in childhood is not resolved, a certain part of a person’s psyche remains at that age.  When a current event remind them of the past, they find themselves behaving like they did when they were a child, and they feel disempowered and unresourceful.  When they heal these events, they find that they have all their adult resources available, and can think clearly and objectively.

When we store emotions in our unconscious mind they form a gestalt, or memory file, based on a common theme or emotion.  When the gestalt is triggered, all the associated emotions from the events that have created it become present in the moment, whether the current event warrants it or not.  Gestalts are the structure of what is commonly called ’emotional baggage’.  Gestalts can be both horizontal and vertical in nature, and some people’s emotions are stored in a grid similar to a matrix.

Karl Pribram conceptualised that memory is in fact stored holographically in both the brain and body.  This theory coincides with David Bohm’s (a protege of Einstein) work in quantum physics.  In a nutshell, the idea is that our thoughts and patters of behaviour create a matrix of ‘interference patterns’ on the holographic plate of our brain and body.  When light or consciousness shines through this matrix, our nature is holographically projected out into the world, literally creating our reality.

What we attract into our lives is therefore based on two factors: the matrix gestalts stored in the unconscious mind and the focus of our consciousness.  Perhaps there is also a third reflection, that of our destiny or karma; however this depends on what your belief systems are.  The beauty of Matrix Therapies is that you can heal major issues in your life relatively quickly and simply, no matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, if any.  It may also explain why some other therapies may or may not have worked for you in the past.

Content supplied by Pip Mckay