Many of us have multiple relationships with the community, friends, family & normally one lover who we have a deep intimate connection with.

My coaching provides a non judgement space where you can be vulnerable but safe. All discussions & processes are confidential. Only what has been given permission to can be communicated to other parties as agreed. 

My coaching focuses on where you are know & where you want to be in the future.

Matrix for healing negative influences & hypnosis to reinstate a positive mind set & assist you in giving experiences a different meaning by you shining a new light upon them.

The process will require goal setting where both parties choosing & setting there common goals to achieve their desired outcome.


Your package also includes the tools of NLP/Power of Choice & Communication models.  Sessions go between 2 to 3 hours.

6-8 Sessions 1 on 1 & both together  $4500
6-8 Individual Sessions $3500
1 on 1 – 2 Hour Minimum $200 p/hr

All services include 24/7 phone support